Starting at $55 we offer several types of tune ups based on your needs.


We sell, setup and service different types of suspension forks, rear shocks and seat posts. We also install suspension parts to improve performance and comfort.


We service and sell all types of brakes from coaster, cable & hydraulic. We can customize your old brakes, bleed your hydraulics or just replace them with new brakes.


We fix everything from wheel chairs and walkers to exercise bikes to golf bikes. We custom build bikes based on our clients’ wants and needs. We also customize bikes for our clients with mobility issues.


We fix or replace worn or broken drivetrain parts. From shifters, derailleurs, chain, crankset, cassette or freewheel.

Wheel Building and Truing

Straightening wheels to remove left to right movement of the rim. Removing wheel hop and setting the correct dish in wheel so the bike doesn’t shimmy and rim brakes work correctly. We also build wheels and replace bent or broken spokes.


Come explore wine country on our comfort hybrids equipped with suspension seat post, fenders and pannier rack. Helmets are included in the rental price. For booking and pricing check out our rental page.